Eligma - AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform.

Eligma will be an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that will change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online. Its unique features will offer users a “one-place”, from where they can shop in all the online stores anywhere in the world, check the value of items in their household and learn the best time to sell them. It consists out of three main modules: Discovery, Inventory and Loyalty.

Project Details

Client: Eligma

Industry: Fintech, Crypto

Online: /www.eligma.io

Project: Web and mobile development

Tech: Python Django, Flask, iOS and Android


E-commerce today is becoming the primary sales channel but at the same time creates a huge noise due to the overwhelming amount of information available for the average consumer. Having a single point where a buyer can easily search, compare, get a personalized recommendation and buy an item, track it later on in his inventory, and at the end sell it when not needed anymore, or at the best possible moment, this is what Eligma does.


Create a platform that will seamlessly integrate with the complex AI backend, and numerous information sources, while at the same time keeping it very simple and intuitive for the end-user.


The architecture of the Elly Chatbot platform consists of 3 distinct systems that cooperate to form a seamless product recommendation experience. At the very core are the Product Catalog services, which handle all the operations regarding catalog acquisition, importing, specification ontology and mapping as well as provide data about products, product categories and providers to services down the pipeline. Bridging the data flow to the user is the AI matching and chatbot core, whose primary operation is to respond to outside queries and provide meaningful and precise matching results for product groups. Tying up the flow on top is the interactive chat app that forwards user inputs, controls user flow and displays matched product data and provider links.


Our team is developing a very powerful platform that is making a unique impact on the e-commerce world today.

„FIt was a pleasure finding a company that can follow us with speed, flexibility and understanding the necessities for Viberate product. ABC TECH Company has all the necessary skills and creativity to be part of a big and complex Viberate image. They are easy to work with and have my highest recommendations.“

Matej Gregorčič-Founder&CEO - Viberate

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