Assure – Bill

Assure – Bill validation system

Assure is bill validation platform that creates invoices for electricity water and gas consumption based on contracts and consumption for different clients.

Project Details

Client: Assure – Bill

Industry: Fintech

Online: /www.alfaenergygroup.com/uk

Project: Web application

Tech: ASP .NET MVC, MS SQL, Azure cloud


Build validation platform that analyses complex data and use complex formulas.


ASSURE is professional energy cost control platform that provides tracking and analysis of utility costs and consumption. Controlling gas and electricity portfolio from a secure and centralized document library for different clients with different levels of access from group to company to a specific site. Invoices are checked and made accurate, including rates, consumption, third-party charges, and site details. Through ASSURE, clients can prevent overcharges and reclaim past ones.

Easily exportable PDF and Excel reports give a quick overview of client’s portfolio. Clinets can track open queries and opportunities for savings.


The platform is designed like a set of independent, well-connected products or modules. These modules are accessible by both clients and analysts, of course with necessary access rights, which allows for a smooth collaboration and communication.


Our team developed a custom bill validation platform which can be handled easily. Our clients feedback was very positive after product is delivered.

„FIt was a pleasure finding a company that can follow us with speed, flexibility and understanding the necessities for Viberate product. ABC TECH Company has all the necessary skills and creativity to be part of a big and complex Viberate image. They are easy to work with and have my highest recommendations.“

Matej Gregorčič-Founder&CEO - Viberate

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