About Us


ABC TECH Group has 120 employees and is regionally present with five countries. The focus of the group is "FinTech“ industry in which our experts have many years of experience in the development of banking solutions, digital banking and innovations that improve "FinTech" industry. We use the latest technologies of leading technology leaders to ensure our clients first and foremost, reliable and original solutions. One of the solutions we have in offer since 2018 is LEONUS, which represents a full banking solution with a digital banking in one system. Comprised of several architecture layers a core banking powered by private blockchain and a mobile application and an integrated Financial Advisory platform, LEONUS is an all in one solution providing you with a set of fast, secure and cost-effective banking services while anticipating your customers’ needs. LEONUS thus becomes the primary product of the ABC TECH Group and its implementation can be modular and adapted to various types of clients.

What we do

Transactional systems (Card transactions, Direct debit, PSD2, SEPA, GIRO), Core banking development and implementation, Financial systems and other 3rd party integrations, Blockchain and Smart contracting, Payment systems (FIAT and Crypto), ICO startups SW development, Embedded systems, Loyalty, Wallet development, E-commerce and Marketplace, Machine learning (AI), Social networks integration, Advertisement modules and many more.